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Some Links to friends of the UKTQF:

Orkney Angora, for wonderful back warmers for your kidneys, now available in dozens of beautiful shades too. Summer 2013 was the first year we took ours off!

Total Body Care in Nottingham: therapeutic massage, sports massage for injury recovery, sports massage for optimal performance, and Zero Balancing, from one of our senior students!

Alan James Raddon - Shoemaker in Aberystwyth, so you can visit him when you come to Summer School!  He also has a proven approach to ordering your shoes by mail order if you can't make it to see him.  These shoes are beautiful and fantastically designed for the health of your feet.  Raymond has four pairs ....

Jayne Yates Holistic Health in Leyland, Lancashire; Shiatsu and Reiki from one of our rising stars.

The Fold Guesthouse in Kirksanton, just down the road from us.  A bit of luxury in the Lakes where Kev Brown and his team have given our students a fabulous welcome.

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