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Eight Energies Diamond Taiji Qigong & Silk Reeling

In Taijiquan, when one part of the body moves, all other parts will move as well, and when one part is still (motionless), all others will also be still. The motion and the stillness are all under the control of the mind. That is why when we practice Taijiquan we have to be relaxed and calm and have total concentration. It is only when we have reached this stage of the mind that we can develop the high sensitivity of what the Taiji classics describe, "a feather cannot be placed and a fly cannot alight on any part of the body."

We look to develop power, health and strength through relaxation and a feeling of total body energisation. This will occur firstly in the joints then will develop through the spiralling and flexibility of our limbs and movements from the waist and dan-tian. The key to achieve this is that through practicing Taiji Qigong Movements. In silk reeling training, we loosen our joints, and tendons, and increase the flexibility of our muscles. The Taiji classics say, "Each time we move, our whole body has to be very nimble." We have to train in such a way so that all our joints are loosened and can move freely and quickly at our will and we can quickly mobilize the force of the whole body.”

Throughout the practice of Taiji and Qigong, the whole body has to relax and sink. We have to learn how to be fully relaxed. First of all, the joints in the body will have to be loosened right through to the tips of the fingers and toes. It is only through relaxation (still with Peng energy) that you can assimilate your energy thoroughly. For this reason, throughout the practice of Taijiquan, the mind should be in total control, giving orders to muscles, tendons, bones and internal organs so that they can work together orderly and smoothly according to our will. The development of connectivity takes time and requires a foundation of a calm clear mind sensitive to the body. Then we can take our new found skills and assimilate them into daily practice and living.

The silk reeling Exercises and the Eight Energies Diamond Taiji Qigong Form is based on the foundations of the eight key energies of Taiji Qigong: peng, lu, ji, an, leigh, tsai, kao, zhao. These energies are fundamental to the practice and development of any Taijiquan or Qigong practitioner giving greater understanding and insight into our practice.

Forms give us a context to practice and develop our skills, these Taiji Qigong workshops will give you the opportunity to develop and evolve your foundations for practice.

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