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Tai Chi v Walking

A report in the Daily Telegraph, Friday January 12th 2007 reported:

Recently, Joseph Audette, professor of physical rehabilitation at Harvard medical school has found that the long form of Tai Chi Chuan of 100 separate movements over a period of half an hour uses up the same amount of energy as brisk walking. And when he compared the overall benefits of these two forms of exercise in a group of previously sedentary 7- year olds, the tai chi group did better on several counts, with stronger lower limb muscles, greater flexibility and improved balance.

This is the kind of information we are receiving from teachers working with people who have suffered from falls, are recovering from hip operations or who have recently started Tai Chi. The positive improvements in balance, strength and flexibility are really tangible with Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice and often over a short period of time. What’s more these physical improvements help to create a much more positive outlook for the practitioner.

If anyone has read anything in national or local press please drop us a line so we can bring it to everyone’s attention.

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