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Baguazhang can be translated as Eight Directional Boxing. It is said to be the physical manifestation of the I Ching, the Book of Changes.

It teaches flexibility and resilience.

The technical aspects emphasise spirals circles fluidity and change – of direction of shape, of intent.

The Qigong element of significance is walking the circle.  Walking the Circle in this way originated as a Daoist Qi cultivation and meditative practice, seeking stillness within movement. Spiralling detoxes the body at a cellular level (our students often complain of smelling bad when they practice!!), circling strengthens the Kidneys (the battery pack of the body and the source of original vitality and Yi, or intent).

Baguazhang looks like the dance of a Chinese dragon, always moving and changing in all eight directions, always circular and graceful.

Martially it is beautifully evasive and can redirect or strike from any angle and distance.

The healing aspects should not be underestimated – practice can accelerate self- healing as well as build resilience, in the direct experience of our students during regular practice, as well as in the ancient texts.

Alongside Xingyiquan and Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang is one of the three internal arts that form the structural context for training the development of Sung in the UKTQF's Shen Dao Programme.

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