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Shen Dao Beginners Intensive

Applications are now being accepted for this new intake to the Shen Dao Programme, beginning in March 2017.

Through the Shen Dao Programme. we teach the Internal martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang as a context for the discovery and study of Sung, or un-doing.

Aimed at complete beginners, the 2017 Beginners Intensive course introduces the practices of structure, movement and awareness for self-development, in accordance with the core principles of the Shen Dao Programme.

Find your body, find your Self!  Use the movement and meditation practice of the Chinese Internal Arts as the route to:


Changing your way of moving through life

Connecting to the Present

Increasing Your Resourcefulness in the face of challenge


What can you expect?

You will need a curiosity about detailed work and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and embrace apparent contradictions! :-)

In accordance with the 'Intensive' format, class size will be limited, and there is an expectation of a commitment from you to 30 mins of daily personal practice at home. We will be supplying specific guidance and resources for this.

If you don’t practice it, don’t expect it!

We aim to give you an experience of the Chinese Internal Arts that provides you with a Classical foundation, and to support you to apply your learning so that it is immediately changing the way you move through your everyday life at the emotional and intellectual level as well as the physical.  To this end you will be using the practices of structure, movement and awareness for self-development:

We exact the highest standards from our students while making sure you are having fun!

Daoist Philosophy has it that contentment is not a passive state; rather it is a state of flow and connection, aliveness and engagement, presence and resourcefulness. Our own training and studies have shown us the extent to which the body can lead the way in increasing the contentment in our lives, and we want to pass this on in the most effective ways we know.


What next ?

This is a gateway to a lifetime of practice – you will have a daily practice that works, and opportunities to take your training to the next level with our 2017 programme.

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