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Sung is the ultimate manifestation of Qigong. In Daoist philosophy, it is the unity, the one that comes before the pairing of Yin and Yang.


It is simply a way to be present in our natural, healthy and spiritually aware state. When we are truly comfortable, all of life resonates with us as the sacred.


Inevitably, ‘simply’ actually implies a substantial journey. Developing Sung can be described as going through three phases – melt, melt and melt again!


As examples, the three phases might be characterised by:

1. The external letting go, taught initially as being able to let one’s arm melt under the force of gravity with structure but no resistance, all muscles softening and dissolving but not abandoning their role.

2. Melting at a cellular level, releasing internal ‘deep tension’.

3. Melting to dissolve separation – internal and external become the same.

Discovering and developing these skills can involve challenges to our perception of what is “comfortable” as we come up against our ingrained illusions of control – mind sets and physiological ‘fact’ that we have been used to identifying as givens, and as serving us well.

In the UKTQF's Shen Dao Programme all our practice leads back to progressing our development of Sung, using the structural contexts of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Tai Chi Chuan and further related Qigong exercises.

Sung is the key to self-cultivation, to the correct execution of movement, and to facilitating healing, in oneself and in others.


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