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What People Say

“The environment enabled me to relax, the teaching enabled me to feel happy and strong. Thank you”
James Stainton

“The summer course was a real eye opener for me and my first experience of Tai Chi and the Internal Chinese Arts, I’ll be back, thank you.”        
Max Houlton

“The practice of Xingyi Quan has opened my eyes to the depth of practice in the Internal Arts and I feel it has helped me develop as a practitioner of the Arts”
Peter Johnson

“I found the weekend course to be useful for my own practice and for work; I look forward to learning more next year.”
Jeanne Temple

“What a wonderful form, thank
you for a great weekend and the fabulous teaching”
Janice Goulding

“I am pleased to have found such knowledge of the Internal Arts taught in such a nice way”
Joanne Mosses

“Buddha Palm is a relaxing and energising practice - so glad I found it!”
Louise Parkin

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