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Why train with us?


1 A commitment to your self development


Training in the internal arts is, for us, a way to become present in our natural, healthy and spiritually aware state. Through the UKTQF's Shen Dao Programme, we share with you the process of cultivating a sense of loving-kindness for yourself. The internal arts can become a life practice for achieving integration of mind body and spirit, allowing increased peace, joy and ease of action in the wider context of your life. The programme provides a vehicle for you to explore the concept of ‘Sung’ and develop your own personal understanding and practice in this context.


2 A commitment to a vocation

As an Instructor

We encourage all our students to find their teaching 'niche', as passing on the arts enriches your own life and practice at so many levels. This may take a while, so there is no pressure, and you will find that we structure our teaching with your teaching in mind. Ultimately, the clarity you gain, over the years, allows you to apply your internal skills to any form that you are drawn to practice and teach, beyond what you learn with us.

As a Therapist

Within the ethos of “Healer Heal Thyself”, as you develop your understanding of your own health and healing, so you may wish to pursue an interest in helping others on a one to one basis.

We offer the opportunity to develop your skills in this direction, as internal martial artists have been proven, throughout the millennia, to make the most effective health practitioners. Medical Qigong includes therapeutic interventions such as one-on-one treatments as well as instructing clients in supplementary supporting exercises.

For self care in your existing professional practice

This training structure has appealed to many existing practitioners of a variety of healing protocols who have found with us a methodology to renew their own self-care, bringing new vibrance to their existing practice.


3 A friendly, joyful, supportive environment

We honour and respect thousands of years of heritage and mastery with joy curiosity and humour alongside meticulous continuous development of our teaching techniques and of our own practice, and encourage the same in our classes and in our students.


Our training approach asks for and appeals to those prepared to make an ongoing commitment to these aims.


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