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Wild Goose Qigong

Wild Goose Qigong translates as Dayan Qigong in Mandarin. It is a powerful and extensive energy cultivation system with its roots in the Daoist Kunlun teachings.


It teaches in-depth understanding of the pathways and gates of our own energy.


The technical aspects require execution with grace and serenity, facilitating the continued development of Sung that is so instrumental in good health. “Like breath, it should be smooth, long, and quiet”. As a system, it includes movement and stillness as well as mantras and mudras in its practice. The practice brings focus to a number of points and channels that help free the energy system from any blockages that are created by our daily lives.

The Qigong work is designed to rejuvenate the energetic systems of the body and harmonise its relationship with the external world. At its heart, Wild Goose Qigong is a magnificently effective Kan and Li system, Within this, it works to stimulate all the principal channels and improves the function of the human body as well as strengthening the nerves, regulating the body fluid, adjusting the function of the viscera and balancing Yin and Yang.

This robust and holistic approach to health and well being has proven to be of help with many chronic diseases and complaints.  It is also the “system of the open heart”, and regular practice brings a sense of inner harmony that persists increasingly throughout life’s progress and perceived challenges.

In the UKTQF’s Shen Dao Programme, Wild Goose Qigong has an important role in strengthening the energetic system, health and wellbeing of the students.




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