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Xingyiquan translates as Mind-Heart Boxing. It is said to be the physical manifestation of the Tao Te Ching.

It teaches clarity and effortless action.


The technical aspects focus on a small amount of choreography, epitomising the development stages for all the Arts of Obvious (beginner), Hidden (accomplishment of the subtlety of the Art), and Mysterious (that which can not be taught, but comes to each practitioner only through their own personal practice)


The Qigong elements include Circle Walking (most obviously seen in Baguazhang but very important here in a different form) and emphasises quiet Standing.

In the first instance the practice is of calming what the Chinese classical texts call the ‘monkey mind’. If the mind then become relaxed, the body will follow suit. Once the body and mind are in harmony then movement becomes efficient and economical.

Movements may appear linear but are in fact circular, performed mainly along a vertical axis and moving forwards, always forwards. Xingyiquan can trace its origins back to spear fighting and is perhaps most like jousting from our own culture. It is perhaps one of the quintessential Martial Arts of China that the legends and stories came to the West from; it is classical Kung Fu.

As in all the Chinese Internal Martial Arts Systems, mastery comes through understanding the basics. Xingyiquan utilises a simple format, thereby ridding the system of any superficiality, and in practice you learn to go beyond form itself.

Alongside Baguazhang and Tai Chi Chuan, Xingyiquan is one of the three internal arts that form the structural context for training the development of Sung in the UKTQF's Shen Dao Programme.

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