In Search of Authenticity by Raymond Towers.

In Search of Authenticity, Raymond TowersAs the title informs the reader this small book is a meditation, a product of deep thought and reflection, and as such will be of most value to those prepared to approach it in the same spirit of unhurried consideration.

Perhaps you have experienced moments when you and your surroundings become one, when it feels so perfect, when you feel right in your time and place, so right that you cannot imagine yourself in a more perfect or harmonious place. At such moments one is experiencing what I have chosen to call true authenticity, the true self ; yielding is complete, the ego is quieted, the monkey mind still, the order and wisdom of nature is a given. One stands humbly upon the path, feeling if only for an instant the peace of not seeking, and the gentle embrace of health and wholeness.

Raymond Towers has dedicated is adult life to the study of martial arts under the tutelage of some of the most renowned teachers in the world today. He dedicates this book to all his teachers and students who have for the last forty five years taught him so much about martial arts and himself. Raymond is the founder and principal instructor of The United Kingdom Taiji Qigong Foundation and now strives to pass on the health and life benefits of the arts to all who will listen with an open heart.

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"No Martial artist of whatever style should be without this book, as the concepts presented, suit all styles from Taiji Quan to Muay Thai. Beginner or advanced student, these meditations are so valuable and necessary that the book should be read over and over again."
Tania Murphy ( Martial Arts Practitioner for twenty two years )






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